Our volunteers this year are Gábor and Márta from Hungary. Let them introduce themselves:


Márta Beluscsák

I am Márta Beluscsák from Hungary. I am spending a whole year in Hildegard Burjan Parish as a volunteer.

I graduated as an elementary school teacher. After the volunteer year, I will start teaching in Hungary. As a volunteer in the parish, I have different tasks, but first and foremost I deal with young people, which I love to do!

During this year, I can get to know new things, people and situations and I can discover the beautiful city of Vienna!



Gábor Bárkányi

I am Gábor Bárkányi, I am 19 years old. I come from Budapest, Hungary.

I graduated from high school last year and I am volunteering for one year. The decision was not so easy, but I decided to do a gap year. I like working here. My jobs are: visiting a dear elderly lady, helping around the church, office work, errands, preparing and following up children and youth programmes (after Corona again ;-)), helping with festivals and programmes and learning and improving German.

I am happy that I get appreciation and love here for my help and cooperation, be it in the parish centre or in the Le+O project and other activities. For me this is a great opportunity, because the accommodation and the relationship are good and it is the first opportunity to live independently. I thank the good Lord for giving me this opportunity.

A glimpse on their activities

The following video (in Geman) shows Márta on a busy Le+O day: